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Pull Pal

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The Pull Pal, a well-engineered anchoring tool, is both portable and well-suited for a wide range of environments. Intended as a tool for winching through sand and mud, Pull Pal's design relies on useful rules of physics. Its hefty plow blade sets firmly and safely into sand, clay, mud hardpan soil and snow.

Pull Pal gets you up and over hill stalls and minimizes dangerous situations. It allows you more control -- even when you are alone. Saves time, transmissions, and tires.

Pull Pal is also another Great Tool that is Made in the USA.

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  • Pull Pal® is designed for winch-equipped Jeeps®, buggies, campers, 2-wheel drive, 4WD SUVs, Trucks, and Hummers®. Ideal for construction surveyors, search and rescue, utility, police, and rural maintenance vehicles. 
  • Pull Pal is ruggedly constructed with a forged chrome-moly plow assembly, welded construction overall, and assembled with Grade 8 bolts for strength and quality. 
  • Pull Pal gets your rig out...fast. Simply insert the plow point into the soil. As the winch cable tightens, the point embeds itself deeply and firmly into the ground and frees your rig with the assistance of the wheels in motion.
  • Pull Pal folds compactly to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. It can be mounted inside or outside or stored in Pull Pal's custom carrying case.  

RW16,000 has two 2" detachable wings which when assembled make an 18" spade. The RW16,000 has a heavier duty down tube and 45" shaft - created for vehicles weighing up to 12,000 GVW.  Weight 49 lbs. Any vehicles weighing more than that we recommend using 2 Pull Pals in a "Y" with a clevis or snatch block. This gives you more than double your pulling power.

RW14,000 "New Military-Size" Pull Pal for Suburbans, large trucks and Hummers - GVW10,000 and under
RW14,000 is 42 lbs. folded, and still just 45" long (7 lbs. HEAVIER THAN THE 11,000, BUT SAME LENGTH!) with 24" by 14" spade.

RW11,000 Pull Pal for Jeeps® through mid-size trucks GVW6000 and under, weighs only 35 lbs.  The Pull Pal comes with a detachable spade and folds to the size of an ordinary bumper jack for easy storage. Designed to work in most types of ground (including sand, hard-pan soil and even snow). It can be used to extract your vehicle as well as an anchoring point from the rear when winching another vehicle out.

RW6,000 Pull Pal for light vehicles GVW3000 and under
The smaller RW6,000 is 21lbs. and is for vehicles such as the smaller Suzuki Samurai®, light buggies, sand rails, ATVs and UTVs. This Pull Pal folds compactly to 32" for easy storage. It can be mounted in or outside.